Personalisation in the world of privacy

As technology advances, we expect apps and online experiences to know exactly what we like and want. This is why we are constantly favoriting items on Amazon, because Amazon’s recommendation algorithm provides a personalized shopping experience. Amazon provides items based on your search, and also items inspired by your shopping preferences. Customers delight in an algorithm that knows us and our preferences. We look on our social media and expect our feeds to favor our favorite influencers and close friends the most. We have become accustomed to technology that knows us, however customers are feeling as though their privacy is being invaded since companies are taking so much personal data.

AskLily uses a new way to personalize your shopping experience, while also respecting shopper privacy by using a specific type of personalization. This allows for brands to collect advanced datasets, like sizing and body type information or personal preferences. AskLily collects this data in the form of a fit quiz by asking shoppers to answer questions about their size, style, and fit in exchange for instant recommendations.

AskLily also uses visual AI in order to provide a more personalized shopping experience. Advanced visual AI technology scans all the product images in your catalogue, identifies the items, and assigns detailed metatags based on their minute visual attributes. By using visual AI, AskLily is able to provide a whole new dataset into your personalization engine. Which results in recommendations that are more accurate than traditional personalization engines. For example, instead of recommending just another T-shirt, it will know that the shopper provides a crop length, floral prints, long- sleeve, and a halter neckline. Using visual AI, AskLily can achieve impactful personalization without pressing shoppers for endless information.

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